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  • What is BhoomiRaksha?Open or Close
    BhoomiRaksha is a privately run company focused at offering thorough property monitoring service to individuals and organization who are staying away from their immoveable reality property.
  • Why was BhoomiRaksha formed?Open or Close
    Having a land is dream come true to many people land is not just an investment asset, it brings in safety and securred for happy living. But maintaining unmanned faraway located land from miscreants, encroachers is a giving trouble some job especially if you are in a foreign country or if you are not visiting frequently and your property is located in India. Hence to provide safety measures in terms of property monitoring, property fencing and property cleaning BhoomiRaksha was formed.
  • How does BhoomiRaksha take care of my property?Open or Close
    BhoomiRaksha is a team of good and skilled professionals who regularly visit your plot or building, take vedio or photos and even undertake any other need based services to better maintain your property. Later these vedio or photos are emailed to you for your references.
  • Why come to BhoomiRaksha?Open or Close
    Best property monitoring service in Bangalore - Confidential and data security enabled - Easy and fexible in payment packages
  • How do i change the referral email id?Open or Close
    Send an email to and we will take care of it.
  • Do we share any information to outside parties?Open or Close
    We do not and will not disclose your data, rent or give away private data about you or your contacts. If required by law or court order, we may release your information.
  • How to cross check if the vedio or photos are genuine or not?Open or Close
    Option Number Simple Steps:
    1. Download the vedio or photo
    2. Download Picassa photo viewer
    3. Open image in Picassa photo viewer & Click on red icon on the panel
  • What is the Pricing?:Open or Close
    Home / Pricing For people residing in India:
    • Yearly visit : INR 900 per annum
    • Half Yearly visit : INR 1800 per annum
    • Quarterly visit : INR 3000 per annum
    • Monthly visit : INR 7500 per annum


    For people residing out of India:
    • Yearly visit : 20 USD per annum
    • Half Yearly visit : 30 USD per annum
    • Quarterly visit : 60 USD per annum
    • Monthly visit : 130 USD per annum


    If you have more than one property to monitor call us for good discounts. If you have a group of properties belonging to you or your friends/relatives at one single location, to be monitored, call us for group discount we accept.

    For pricing of other services like Plot Fencing, Clenaing, getting EC and Property Tax PaymentS, Please call us back or write to us and we will let you know.
  • What is the refund policy ?Open or Close

    Refunds are made available to clients only after the approval of the board at BhoomiRaksha. There will be no questions asked to the decision of the client.

    Terms for refund include

    • If customer stops taking service during First Quarter will be refunded 75%
    • If customer stops taking service during Second Quarter will be refunded 50%
    • If customer stops taking service during Third Quarter will be refunded 25%


  • How to redeem earned referral money?Open or Close
    A registered user of BhoomiRaksha can earn money by referring others to avail our services. The same money can be redeemed while adding other property for our services/renewing the subscription of the already added properties.

    Note - one can redeem earned money only to the 50% value of the cost of the next purchase.